Friendly Families Nursery has been established by a group of local parents who have set the vision and initial business plan for the nursery with the support of two charities (the New Economics Foundation and Coram Family and Childcare), funding from Trust for London and the Greater London Authority, a partnership with Peabody and with co-designers and makers Collaborative Design and Build.

Parent-led childcare puts local parents at the helm of organising and delivering a local childcare service to help make sure families’ childcare needs are met and help keep childcare costs low. From planning out what the childcare service will look like to sitting on the management board and recruiting early years professionals, parents play a key role in creating a service that works for their neighbourhood.

Parents can also get involved in the day to day tasks of delivering childcare to help keep running costs low like working alongside early years professionals with children, helping out with preparing food, tidying up, providing some admin support and organising fundraising.

A family of families

Parent-led childcare has the potential to help parents access high quality childcare that supports them to work and boosts their children’s learning, particularly in areas where parents are underserved by the childcare system.

Read our safeguarding policy here.

Watch how parent led nurseries work in the clip below

Registered Charity number: 1184977

Ofsted registration number: 2557609

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