Friendly Families Nursery was set up in 2019 by a group of local parents with the support of two charities (the New Economics Foundation and Coram Family and Childcare), funding from Trust for London and the Greater London Authority, a partnership with Peabody and with co-designers and makers Collaborative Design and Build. Throughout our journey we have always shared our learning with others, and have even developed a toolkit for anyone interested in co-produced community childcare.

What is parent-led childcare?

Parent-led childcare puts local parents at the helm of organising and delivering a local childcare service to help make sure families’ childcare needs are met and help keep childcare costs low. From planning out what the childcare service will look like to sitting on the management board and recruiting early years professionals, parents play a key role in creating a service that works for their neighbourhood.

Why do families join Friendly Families?

Hear what some of our parents have to say about our nursery

“I was drawn to the nursery for the school friendly hours, the cheap fees and the flexibility to add hours if needed. However, without a doubt its absolute strength is its staff. Loretta, Charlie and Danisha are absolutely incredible at child led care. The love, kindness and dedication they show the children is second to none. I have spent a lot of time in other nurseries and they are not all like that . The level of skill and sensitivity to each child’s needs the staff show is unique and it creates a joyful, fun and nurturing environment.”

Parent at Friendly Families Nursery

“It is wonderful to have a nursery where I can participate and truly see how wonderful it is. Volunteering means I can actually see what the day to day is like and not wonder if my son is actually truly happy here. The staff know my son so well and plan things specifically for his interests meaning he learns so much more! The garden is amazing and the fact that he can free flow to it throughout the day is a bonus for me!”

Parent at Friendly Families Nursery

“I love that I get frequent updates about my child during the day, and that I can also catch up on my child’s journal in the evening. The nursery uses a parents communication app that is free and easy to use. I can message the staff directly, I can see what my child has eaten and what activities she has been up to during the day, I can see my invoices on this app. It is a great way to stay connected with my child.” 

Parent at Friendly Families Nursery

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Safeguarding policy

Our safeguarding policy is available to download.