We are a parent-led nursery offering high quality childcare at affordable rates for both full and short days. Our full day sessions run from 8am to 6pm and short day sessions run from 9am to 3pm.

We offer childcare five days a week, fifty weeks a year, closing for the Bank Holidays and two weeks over Christmas.

We ask that families use a minimum of two sessions per week.

To ensure that our nursery is affordable and accessible to as many local families as possible we want to ensure that our fees are low. To learn more about paying for childcare, read our guide to support with childcare costs.


We offer a 10% sibling discount off the fees of the eldest child to families with more than one child attending.

Some of our parents will make a regular commitment at the nursery as a classroom helper for one day a week, 9am to 3pm. These parents receive free childcare on the day that they volunteer and a 15% discount on their fees.

Subsidies and vouchers

If your child is aged 2, 3 or 4, you may be eligible for free childcare, paid for by the government. We are happy to offer free childcare to eligible families, as well as Tax Free Childcare and childcare vouchers.

Registered Charity number: 1184977 Ofsted registration number: 2557609