We’re really proud of what we’re doing at Friendly Families and we love to talk to others about what we’re learning. The links below give further insight into the history of Friendly Families, how we support our local community, and how we are sharing the learning as we go.

Sharing the learning

We were delighted to be featured by childcare app Famly talking about how our parent-led approach delivers better childcare at lower costs.

Hear from one of our parent directors, Lucie Stephens, who explains more about what a parent-led nursery is and how families can be involved.

In 2021 we developed a toolkit of best practice based on our real experiences to share with and support future parent-led childcare settings.

Supporting the community

The families of Friendly Families Nursery were a huge support to one another throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. As well as sharing advice and support, parents and staff worked together to create ‘play bags’ for local families to support them while many other activities and venues were closed. We have a small stock of play bags remaining at the nursery which we are happy to give out on request.

Learn why our community focus meant one parent chose Friendly Families before it was even open.

Our history

Learn the history of Friendly Families Nursery and see some before and after photos to appreciate the huge transformation the setting has been through. We worked with Collaborative Design and Build to design the setting in partnership with children and their families.

Our co-founders New Economics Foundation talk to BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour about parent-led childcare initiatives.

Read more about how the nursery came to be by our supporters Coram Family and Childcare.